Carmen D'Apollonio (*1973, Zurich, Switzerland) lives and works in Los Angeles. D’Apollonio previously worked as an art director for short films and commercials in the mid-nineties. In 1996, she began working with the artist Urs Fischer, and assisting him for over a decade. In 2006, she founded the fashion brand Ikou Tschuss (ikou means “let’s go” in Japanese and tschüss is “byebye” in Swiss German), which combined modern textiles with traditional artistry. D’Apollonio established her own studio in Los Angeles in 2014. D’Apollonio’s process begins with sketching, which she then translates into clay—evolving the three-dimensional form as she goes. Her titles range from the comic to the plaintive and offer narrative fragments entirely in tune with their suggestive, open-ended compositions.

1995 art director for short film and commercials
1996–2006 assistance and collaboration for Urs Fischer, New York
2006 foundation of Ikou Tschuss
2006–2014 design and creation for Ikou Tschuss, Zurich, Switzerland
2015–2016 qualification as a ceramicist


2023 coming up September: Tobias Mueller Modern Art, Zurich, Switzerland (S)
2022 I´m Not A Shrimp, Friedman Benda, Los Angeles, US (S)
2021 One Lazy Afternoon, Linn Lühn, Düsseldorf, Germany (S)
Don´t Wake The Snake, Friedman Benda, New York (S)
2020 Felix LA, Los Angeles
2019 Independent New York
Jeff Lincoln, New York (G)
Jeff Lincoln, New York (G)
Summer, Friedman Benda, New York (G)
2018 Time to Say Hello, Matt Blacke Inc./ Cliff Fong, Los Angeles, USA (S)
And Other Stories, invited by Camille Bidaut-Waddington, Paris, France (G)
3 days with Carmen D´Apollonio, Linn Lühn, Düsseldorf, Germany (S)
2017 Schöner Wohnen Galerie Jürgen Becker, Hamburg, Germany (G)
The More I See, Linn Lühn, Düsseldorf, Germany (S)
2016 Collaboration with Céline, Paris, Fall/Winter 2016

Press (excerpt)

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