Januar 20 – February 24, 2018

William N. Copley (1919–1996) was a courageous gallerist, artist, far-sighted art collector, author and publisher.
In Beverly Hills, which Copley back then called “an intellectual wasteland,” he opened the ´Copley Galleries’ in the late 1940’s and exhibited such surrealists as Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte and Man Ray.
This all happened at a time when the movement was still completely unknown in the United States. Through his contacts and friendships with these artists, William Copley later became an artist himself.

Since I opened my gallery, William Copley has time and again played a decisive role for me: his free, unorthodox spirit, his ambiguous sense of humor, and the impertinence and ensuing anarchy of naming things.

Over the course of planning and arranging Man Ray, Rene Magritte, it has become a very personal exhibition, which perhaps unconsciously reveals a decisive aspect of what attracted me to art and, eventually, dealing with art.
The exhibition is dedicated to my parents who endowed me images throughout my childhood and youth that led me to this path: the eye with tears by Man Ray (Les Larmes), the fur cup by Meret Oppenheim (Le déjeuner en fourrure) or Marcel Duchamp’s bottle dryer - icons of surrealism, which are essential in the history of contemporary art.

Linn Lühn, January 2018


Man Ray (1890–1976)
René Magritte (1898–1967)
Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968)
William Copley (1919–1996)

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