Linn Lühn x Gusch

We are excited to announce the opening of a new space in collaboration with GUSCH. Founded in 2018 by Harry Schellenberg, GUSCH is a steady growing collection focused on rare collectible design and objects of desire. Linn Lühn x Gusch is a space for art, architecture, applied arts and design. It is located on Birkenstraße 45 next to the gallery and is open by appointment only.

#8 January – March 2024: Gaetano Pesce, Man Ray
#7 October - December 2023: Nan Goldin, Hisaji Hara, Charlotte Perriand, Gerrit T. Rietveld, Hans Paul Schmohl, Fritz Schuh
#6 September/ October 2023: Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way, Martin Boyce, Paolo Deganello & Group Archizoom
#5 May – July 2023: Margarete Jakschik, Jean Prouvé
#4 April/ May 2023: Mario Bellini, Christoph Schellberg
#3 January – March 2023: Florian Baudrexel, Georges Candilis & Anja Blomstedt
#2 November/ December 2022: Braman, D´Apollonio, Prouvé, Riva, Tallon, Zapf
#1 September/ October 2022: Baudrexel, Bellini, Apolonia, Gehry, Mangiarotti, Schellberg, Rietveld


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